You can travel the world and still run into people from home

You can travel the world and still run into people from home


Time, they are saying, is a flat circle. And area? Space is the inside an outdated golf ball: a jumble of rubber bands twisted collectively tightly, the random segments touching one another in the confines of the tightly packed orb.

How else to elucidate the small-world coincidences readers preserve sending me? For instance, simply this previous June, the District’s Dorsey Davidge was amongst dozens of people ready for the ferry to a tiny island off the coast of Portsmouth, NH, known as Star. She’d by no means been to the island and had no thought how lengthy the journey could be. She requested the individual subsequent to her. He had no thought both.

“We began chatting,” Dorsey wrote. “He mentioned he was a professor at Penn State. I mentioned, very randomly, ‘Oh, a detailed buddy of mine’s ex-brother-in-law is a professor there. Do you understand Eduardo?’

“He replied, astonished, ‘I’m Eduardo.’ ”

Let us now travel from New Hampshire to Egypt, which Patricia and Joe Howard visited 40 years in the past. One day they dutifully trooped to the Great Pyramid and joined the line to get in. But as soon as they’d entered the dim, slender — and crowded — passageway, they modified their minds and circled.

“We could not buck the movement of people coming in so we moved to the facet, the place an alcove provided a spot to attend for an opportunity to go outdoors,” wrote Patricia, of Mitchellville, Md.

Two different people had sought refuge in the similar alcove.

“We could not see each other in the dim mild, however the different girl mentioned she was from Seattle,” Pat wrote. “I mentioned I used to stay there.”

They continued with the again and forth till the girl mentioned she had managed a metropolis recreation space in West Seattle known as Camp Long.

“I used to be floored,” Pat wrote. “I used to work there throughout my senior 12 months in highschool in 1954.”

They exchanged names in the sepulchral darkness and realized they’d labored collectively.

“Once we bought out into daylight, though it had been a few years and we would not have acknowledged one another in a lineup, we knew we had been pals and we hugged in amazement!” Pat wrote.

Suzanne Beerthuis grew up in Cowles, Neb., a small village outdoors of Red Cloud. On Saturday nights, her household would drive to Red Cloud to buy, socialize and go to a produce vendor to receives a commission for the eggs and cream his truck had picked up from them throughout the week.

At the desk could be somebody Suzanne held in whole awe: the proprietor’s daughter, a gorgeous redhead who was a majorette in the band.

“I all the time appeared ahead to the encounter however was too shy to start out a dialog,” wrote Suzanne, who lives in Alexandria now.

Years later, at the University of Nebraska, Suzanne dated a dental scholar whose roommate was from Tempe, Ariz. “Once I broke up with the dental scholar, I by no means noticed him or his roommate once more,” wrote Suzanne.

Why did I trouble to say the dental scholar’s roommate? Because a decade later, whereas instructing in a Department of Defense college in France, Suzanne took a visit to Berlin. On New Year’s Eve, she checked out the scene at the Officers Club, which was adjoining to Tempelhof air base.

“As I walked by means of the foyer of the base, I could not imagine it: the redhead from the produce station in Red Cloud!” Suzanne wrote.

The girl acknowledged Suzanne. A break up second later, Suzanne noticed that Tempe roommate speeding up. What had been the odds of those two disparate people popping up at the similar place at the similar time?

Then the man mentioned: “Hello, Suzanne! We’re celebrating our fifth anniversary! But we’re about to overlook our airplane!”

And off they ran, leaving Suzanne to surprise how they met.

In 1987, Keith Bickel and his girlfriend, Suzan Onelhad simply completed a trip on Cape Cod earlier than heading off to their separate graduate colleges.

“While ready for the prepare to DC we struck up a dialog with a beautiful couple who turned out to be at least the mother and father of Peter Wolflead singer of the J. Geils Band,” wrote Keith, of McLean.

Three years later, Suzan and Keith had been at a tiny trattoria in Florence, the place they had been celebrating their honeymoon.

“We had been sitting at a communal desk and bought to speaking with the girl throughout from us, solely to find that she was the mom of Danny Klein, the bassist for the J. Geils band!” Keith wrote. “To at the present time, we speak to any stranger whereas on travel in the hopes that we meet but extra band members’ mother and father.”

A number of years again, Noell Sotile went to the Toronto International Film Festival. On the flight again, she exchanged pleasantries with the girl seated subsequent to her. Wrote Noell: “When she requested me the place I lived and I replied Silver Spring, she mentioned, ‘So do I! Where?’ ”

When Noell described the location of her home, the girl requested, “Are you Bilbo’s proprietor?!”

It turned out the girl knew Noell’s canine, an amiable rescue from Kosovo who loves hanging out in the yard, watching the passing scene and greeting people by means of the fence.

Wrote Noell: “I regularly discover of us greeting him once we are out strolling — people I’ve by no means met however who know my canine ​​from strolling previous our yard! My canine ​​has extra pals than I do.”

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