The Madness Chronicles – Episode 43

In our forty third episode of the Madness Chronicles, we’ll take a look at the insanity of the COVID lockdowns all over the world. Remember, insanity is a state of being mentally in poor health, severely, extraordinarily silly habits, and a type of frenzied or chaotic exercise. Let’s check out some actual COVID insanity.

The following info comes from a latest report on abuses throughout the COVID lockdowns produced by Amnesty International.

The nation of Zambia appears to be taking a strict strategy to the lockdowns. A police official lately informed a journalist, “We hammer you, we hit you, then we do detention. If you escape, you might be fortunate.” In Zimbabwe, three feminine COVID protesters have been kidnapped, raped, and tortured. When launched, they filed a criticism about their therapy, then have been rearrested for making false statements.

In Russia, a physician was arrested for violating journey restrictions whereas making an attempt to distribute private protecting tools. She was reportedly choked and hit within the stomach, and handed out. When she talked about the incident after launch, she was violently dragged again into the police station.

There is video proof of police implementing lockdown guidelines by attacking folks with golf equipment in locations as disparate as India and Sierra (*43*). In Nigeria, within the first days of curfew, a number of folks have been killed, as was the case in South Africa; breaking curfew resulted in 18 deaths. In Kenya, seven folks have been killed and 18 hospitalized within the first 5 days of the lockdown. It appears all through Africa; errors are punished?

In El Salvador, a younger man described how a police officer detained and beat him and shot him twice within the legs. His crime? He was caught going to purchase meals and gasoline, allegedly in violation of a nationwide quarantine. In Australia, there may be ample video proof on YouTube of the police violently arresting folks for not sporting a masks. In one disturbing incident, they entered the house of a younger pregnant girl getting back from her Doctor’s go to. The police eliminated her whereas her husband and small youngster stood helplessly by.

Across Europe, there have been a number of instances in Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Romania, and Spain. Law enforcement officers resorted to the illegal use of drive to impose lockdown measures on individuals who provided no resistance and constituted no important risk. Amnesty International’s Citizen Evidence Lab verified 34 movies exhibiting police utilizing drive unlawfully within the context of lockdown enforcement, together with police in Spain beating and pinning down a younger man and his mom.

Now you would possibly say, ‘properly, they broke the principles’. What when you criticize the principles or do not help the narrative of the good pandemic? In Turkey, quite a few arrests have been made for talking out in opposition to the narrative, and in Venezuela, 12 well being care staff have been introduced earlier than tribunals for talking out. In Kazakhstan, 81 folks have been charged for talking in poor health of the pandemic.

How about nearer to dwelling? A outstanding California physician questioned his county’s coronavirus keep-at-dwelling orders. Dr. Michael Deboisblanc, a traumatic medical director for John Muir Health, says he was fired after writing to well being officers in Contra Costa County, California. An knowledgeable someday and out the subsequent.

In Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, a person was standing outdoors chatting with a co-employee sipping espresso and acquired a $300 wonderful for not sporting a masks. When you dig a bit deeper, Manitoba has issued COVID fines of $683,000 for the reason that plandemic began. Free speech would not seem as ‘free’ because it was in 2019.

A great time to ask, “Do you see any hints right here as to our future”? Check out a bit historical past, and you will see Nazi Germany started by saying you could not store at Jewish shops. Then they did not enable Jews to work. Then they could not personal property. And then, properly, you already know the remainder of the story. Think we’re completely different?

May we wake from this insanity earlier than it is too late. I want you good well being, and till subsequent time, have enjoyable, take pleasure in life, and be careful for the insanity amongst us. It’s 2020, go searching; it is outrageous.

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