‘Following the Science’ or Politically Motivated?  The Incentive Behind Vaccine Travel Mandates Is Now Clear

‘Following the Science’ or Politically Motivated? The Incentive Behind Vaccine Travel Mandates Is Now Clear


While questions requested to the authorities over COVID-19 insurance policies typically had been rebutted with the dismissive response of “comply with the science,” testimony in court docket paperwork obtained by The Epoch Times signifies that the authorities did not comply with science in any respect, significantly when it got here to imposing vaccine mandates upon travellers.

Four lawsuits have been launched in Canada difficult the journey mandates. While the mandates have been suspended for now (barring worldwide arrivals), the testimony is continuous, and it’s making it evident the authorities’s motivation behind the journey mandate was political and ideological somewhat than defending public security.

Jennifer Little is a senior bureaucrat with Transport Canada, and he or she was tasked with drafting the coverage for the vaccine mandate positioned on travellers. Under questioning, Little made it clear that neither she nor members of her crew had any scientific {qualifications}, but she made selective judgment calls on what she thought of legitimate scientific knowledge or not. Little has a BA in English, making her extra certified in communications than in scientific coverage growth. It seems her appointment to the function could have been based mostly on her potential to promote the coverage somewhat than her potential to craft coverage based mostly on science.

For instance, Little selected to dismiss a Public Health Agency of Canada doc that reviewed the challenge of in-flight transmission of the virus SARS-CoV-2. She stated the knowledge was not helpful to assist her coverage growth. In different phrases, she was cherry-picking knowledge to assist her coverage somewhat than making a coverage with the assist of the knowledge.

Little ready a briefing for Transport Minister Omar Alghabra shortly earlier than the journey mandate was imposed that said the coverage can be “world-leading.” In actuality, Canada was an outlier in imposing such a coverage, and when cross-examined in court docket, Little could not clearly clarify why or how Canada’s coverage was “world-leading.” That is as a result of she was offering the minister with speaking factors somewhat than evaluation along with her briefing. She by no means anticipated she may very well be referred to as upon later to clarify that declare.

The federal authorities does make use of well-qualified epidemiologists, but it surely seems their recommendation was ignored when it got here to the journey mandate coverage. Dr. Lisa Waddell of the Emerging Sciences Group at the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) reviewed and assessed the proof concerning in-flight transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Her report discovered that “the threat of being contaminated with SARS-CoV-2 in an airplane cabin was estimated to be 1 case for each 1.7 million travellers.” Waddel testedified that she considers this a low threat and that her report did not suggest vaccination as a requirement to journey by air.

Dr. Celia Lourenco is director basic of the Biologic and Radiopharmaceutical Drugs Directorate inside Health Canada’s Health Products and Food Branch. She is the particular person with the remaining authority in terms of approving vaccines in Canada. One would assume she would have been consulted on proposed mandates. Lourenco testedified she had by no means been consulted by anyone from any stage of presidency on the vaccine mandate for travellers.

Jennifer Little testedified that neither PHAC nor Health Canada made a suggestion for the vaccine journey mandate. Then who did, and why?

One cause for the obsessive push for vaccine mandates regardless of a scarcity of scientific proof calling for them is financial. The federal authorities has taken out procurement contracts for 200 million doses of vaccine by the finish of 2023. Vaccines have a shelf life, and if not sufficient Canadians resolve to take them, the authorities may very well be confronted with the politically embarrassing prospect of actually pouring upwards of billions of {dollars} value of vaccines down the drain. Travel mandates put plenty of strain on vaccine-hesitant residents to roll up their sleeves and take a medicine they had been uncomfortable with.

Using a mandate to strain residents into taking an injection they do not need raises some severe moral questions. There is a PHAC coverage referred to as “Public well being ethics framework: A information to be used in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada,” which may have helped information Jennifer Little when she wrote the vaccine mandate coverage. But when questioned in court docket as as to if she had consulted it, she responded she hadn’t. Little did not seem to have a lot curiosity in scientific or moral steering when creating considered one of the most onerous and intrusive vaccine mandate insurance policies on earth.

Another motivation for pushing the mandates was political. The authorities has persistently used the pandemic as a wedge challenge and it has labored effectively for them. They put strain on a minority of Canadians, then accused anyone important of the coverage of wanting to place public well being in danger.

I assume in missing moral concerns, it made it straightforward for little to dismiss any notion of permitting compassionate exemptions inside the journey mandate coverage. While journey mandates could have been simply an inconvenience for some residents, they had been devastating to others who needed to miss singular lifetime occasions reminiscent of funerals, weddings, and graduations. How can one compensate for lacking the final go to with a dying beloved one or being current when a member of the family will get married? You cannot.

The authorities needs the lawsuits based mostly on the journey mandates dismissed, claiming they’re now moot as a result of the mandates have been lifted. Thankfully, the candidates are nonetheless pursuing this motion or we’d by no means have been in a position to get this important testimony from those that created and carried out the journey mandate coverage.

We should do not forget that the Liberals have solely stated they’re suspending the mandates. They are purposely leaving the door open to re-imposing them.

Real and lasting harm has been wrought upon residents by these mandates. We want the impacts of the mandates to be on the report, and folks harmed by them have the proper to authorized recourse.

The federal authorities has been in a position to dodge scrutiny in the House of Commons in terms of its insurance policies, however it could actually’t cover from the courts. While many Canadians have speculated that the mandates had been politically motivated somewhat than scientifically, they could not show it. Now due to the 4 lawsuits, we are able to see the suspicions had been justified.

The authorities should be held totally accountable to Canadians for its actions throughout the pandemic, each in the courts and at the poll field. History is already not trying kindly upon them.

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