Annual Feng Shui Cures For 2009

Writing this Annual Cures Newsletter annually has turn into a labor of affection, rising out of my very own need to know what to do, do it, and the way finest to help my college students and shoppers. Each yr I examine a number of stories offered by different practitioners world wide. Some are fairly fundamental and others are splendidly wealthy in historical past and within the metaphysical underpinnings that give which means to why we do, what we do.

All grasp practitioners emphasize that in the beginning a house or workplace should have good feng shui. Just doing Annual Cures will do little to assist if the house or workplace is a feng shui catastrophe.

There are a variety of variables to contemplate, primarily your innate structure for dealing with well being stressors, your karma with cash that allow you to deal with what may very well be financially difficult occasions, your relationship concord based mostly on how properly you could have resolved your relationship points, and so forth. Good feng shui will not make some one in every of low IQ a genius, however good feng shui will enhance each scholar’s means proportionate to their functionality.

Predictions could be made to what is going to typically impact the populace at massive, however what sort of a yr you’ll have is exclusive to you and could be examined based mostly in your beginning data. This is one thing I’ve been doing for 35 years with Western Astrology. Others educated in Vedic Astrology, Four Pillars of Destiny, and different programs of research can even describe your future tendencies. As all programs are glimpses into the holographic complete, the steering and insights ought to be related in accordance to the ability of the reader.

When I do Future Forecasts, I consider it as much like a Road Map indicating street situations. If there’s a ‘bumpy’ stretch forward, it’s best to decelerate to keep away from ‘bottoming out’ and placing a gap in our gasoline tank; or when situations are favorable, we are able to put ‘petal to the steel’ and zoom easy and undeterred alongside our merry method. The idea is: forewarned is forearmed – to drift as co-creator of your future, as a substitute of bouncing alongside completely unaware and uncontrolled.

Solar and Lunar Calendars

Countries within the Orient use two calendars. The Lunar Calendar is used for ceremonial functions and figuring out the Animal Sign of the yr. It is that this Lunar New Year which you might be all accustomed to from placemats at your favourite Chinese restaurant. This calendar begins on the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice, which this yr falls on January 26 And then there’s the Solar Calendar.

It is the Solar Calendar which is utilized in Xuan Kong (Time-Space) Feng Shui, generally known as Flying Star (Fe Xing) Feng Shui, that determines the necessary feng shui changes which might be wanted because the earth’s magnetic area shifts firstly of every Spring.

The Chinese Solar New Year begins within the Orient on Feb. 3 or 4. It is that this day that’s thought-about the start of Spring as it’s about mid-point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.

2009 – Year of the Yin Earth Cow
How Now, Brown Cow

Some name it the Year of the Ox, however technically, as it is a “yin” yr, Cow is a extra applicable designation. Either method, the Ox or Cow is the signal of prosperity by fortitude and arduous work. It can be the signal of the born chief, being fairly reliable and possessing an innate means to attain nice issues. As one would possibly guess, such individuals are reliable, calm, and modest. Like their animal namesake, the Ox is unswervingly affected person, tireless of their work, and able to enduring any quantity of hardship with out grievance. They have interaction all of the trials of the entire world and search options for them. These individuals are extraordinarily clever, converse little and, when essential, are articulate and eloquent.

Sound acquainted? That’s proper, Barack Obama is an Ox. He was born in 1961, the Year of the Metal Ox. As the second animal signal within the Chinese 12-sign system, Oxen are diligent, stoic, and arduous working – an ample harvest displays one’s conscientious effort.

Of course not all Animal Signs are appropriate with the Ox, particularly these born in Goat, Dragon, and Dog years. Individuals born throughout these years are particularly suggested, and everybody generally, to put on an amulet that includes a Pi Yao allure on a necklace, key chain, or hanging out of your rearview mirror. Though you will get particular Animal Sign charms in your explicit yr, a Pi Yao is the easiest way to go, as Pi Yaos are loyal and can sacrifice themselves to guard the well-being of their proprietor.

Xuan Kong Feng Shui – 2009
Annual Number 9

There are many approaches to feng shui. The first and most necessary is analysis of the Landforms and Chi Flow to, by, and round a spot. This, the truth is, is the topic of my e-book, Choose the Best House for You: The Feng Shui Checklist.

Many of you might be accustomed to the Bagua as a technique of ‘mapping’ the house or workplace by designating sure areas as being a focus for Abundance, Relationship, Career, and so forth – what’s sometimes called the Eight Aspirations. In this method we place numerous objects that symbolize these aspirations.

A extra conventional strategy makes use of a compass to find out the magnetic area of a location as seen in cycles of 20-Year Periods. There are 9 intervals equalling 180 years. Since Feb. 5, 2004, we are actually in Period 8.

Within every of those 20-Year Periods, annually can be ruled by an lively sample known as the Annual Number. The Annual Number for 2009 is 9. The #9 determines how the opposite numbers, representing numerous Elemental varieties of power, or Qi, ‘fly’ in response to the energetic sequence described by the Lo Shu Magic Square (above). It is these numbers, representing the Five Elements – Wu Xing that determines which areas of the home might or is probably not having fun with luck.

Maintaining Balance

Consider when you have been to weigh one thing on a steadiness scale with one aspect being heavier than the opposite. You add somewhat counterbalance to at least one aspect or one other and ultimately deliver the dimensions to equilibrium. Or like a bathe faucet, if the water movement is just too sizzling, add somewhat chilly till it’s good.

Now comes the Annual Elementals with some bringing optimistic, and others bringing unfavourable, influences. In some instances the steadiness is unaffected, and in some the steadiness is tilted radically askew. It is that this want to keep up equilibrium that dictates which cures to use to rebalance the unfavourable tilt, and which enhancers ought to be thought-about to maximise the auspicious potentials.

By analyzing the place these energies fall, utilizing the Creative, Reductive, or Controlling Cycles in response to Five-Element Theory, we are able to neutralize the unfavourable energies and improve the optimistic ones. Below is an outline of what to do.

NOTE: As feng shui was developed by the Chinese over 1000’s of yr, most of the options have Asian themes. However, it’s possible you’ll substitute different objects that you just really feel will obtain the identical outcomes.

It also needs to be understood that as feng shui has traveled from China to many new locales, totally different practitioners have developed differing methodologies to attain harmonious outcomes. Having discovered their strategies in some isolation from different practitioners, some feng shui consultants might sound authoritarian about ‘the way it ought to be completed.’

Consequently, we within the west have an exquisite alternative to listen to what all lecturers should say, and to decide on what we expertise as working finest for us. Try to be versatile throughout your studying course of, do what resonates along with your sensibilities, and don’t comply with anyone technique blindly. Most necessary, observe the outcomes and modify accordingly.

Empower Your Cures and Enhancements

I’m positive lots of you studying this are already fairly developed in your personal religious cultivation and maturity, and are fairly succesful to bless and energize your cures and enhancements by both inserting on your property alter, or by doing the Three Secret Reinforcements of mantra, mudra, and visualization.

You can even energize every merchandise by holding the merchandise within the palm of 1 hand with the palm of your dominant hand over the merchandise. Tune in, recite a prayer or blessing to program the merchandise to satisfy its function. Or, as they are saying, to Anchor your Intention. Wait till you’re feeling the merchandise enliven with the transference of Qi, then respectfully place the merchandise within the applicable location.

Cleanse or Dispose of Old Cures

Before the start of the Solar New Year on Feb. 4, cleanse all cures, comparable to Wu Lus (gourds), Pi Yaos (dragon-headed four-leggeds), Wind Chimes, and most of the cash cures used the earlier yr. There are some practitioners who recommend all cures used the earlier yr ought to be disposed of, whereas others really feel it is a bit excessive. Almost all practitioners agree, nonetheless, that it’s best to fully eliminate Bagua Mirrors and Salt Water Cures (described under) as they’re stuffed with unfavourable power.

Some authorities recommend earlier yr cures ought to be cleansed by leaving them uncovered to the Full Moon over night time, others place them in direct daylight for no less than 4 hours. Some say you must sprinkle the earlier yr’s cures with Sea Salt after which rinse off. Clean in response to your custom.

Installing Cures

Once objects are cleansed, they need to be put of their new positions by Feb. 4. Some individuals put their cures into place earlier than Feb. 4, however anytime through the yr is healthier than by no means. Once cures are in place, it’s mentioned that it takes a couple of month for them to soak up any unfavourable power being generated by the unfavourable numbers and to take pleasure in the advantages of the enhancements put into place to boost the optimistic numbers.

But no matter you do, don’t fret in case your mattress, entrance door, or workplace are in these areas thought-about “” this yr. By inserting your feng shui cures and enhancements in the suitable Sectors, you’ll deliver steadiness to your property or workplace, so you’ll be able to proceed to take pleasure in good well being, nice prosperity, and relationship concord.

However, if after the Annual Cures are in place, you start to expertise difficulties concerning funds, well being, relationships, or every other space of life, take away, readjust, or add extra cures in response to the urged placement, after which observe once more. Flying Star cures for the home are completed as soon as. Annual Cures are for brief time period outcomes and would possibly want adjusting.

Note: Consulting with an expert feng shui practitioner could also be useful to guage the skin Landforms and the Flying Star quantity combos which have been in impact when the house or enterprise was constructed.

Work With Your Floor Plan and Use an Accurate Compass
As you learn by the next suggestions, it could be simpler to take action with an correct ground plan of you residence or workplace in entrance of you. You can divide the ground plan utilizing the standard 9-Box Grid technique or the 8-Spoked Wheel technique most popular by many Hong Kong masters. Whether utilizing the Grid or Pie technique, mark every sector with the suitable compass route, after which fill within the suggestions.

If you don’t personal a standard lou pan (feng shui compass), any good compass will try this has ALL 360º clearly indicated. (Avoid compasses with levels in 2º or 5º increments, or that simply have the letters of the instructions.

The illustration above makes use of the 8-Spoked Wheel technique and is an instance you would possibly wish to comply with. This will help you in making your procuring record. Then, while you collect your cures, you’ll have a transparent reminder as to the place the cures and enhancers ought to be positioned.

Note: Cures listed are urged selections. Use a number of. If you employ one with no obvious end result, add one other. Cures could be put within the applicable compass route of the home, and or within the corresponding nook of any room, particularly in a single’s workplace.

Feng Shui Cures and Enhancements for 2009
First, we are going to take a look at the inauspicious Stars which require cures to neutralize their doubtlessly unfavourable influences and which, if potential, you don’t want to disturb with exercise. If you should utilize one other room, it’s suggested. If it’s worthwhile to use any of those areas, don’t fret! Just you should definitely put the urged cures into place and observe outcomes, making applicable changes as wanted.

K’un – 2 Black Earth within the West
“Star of Illness”

The first troublesome quantity (Element) that wants decreasing is the two Black Earth which this yr is discovered West sector of the home. The #2 makes this an space of potential sickness (particularly abdomen illnesses), and misfortune in 2009. So take additional care to neutralize the #2’s doubtlessly malicious affect.

As with 5 Yellow talked about subsequent, it’s best when you would not have to make use of this space of the house. If you do have to make use of this space, you should definitely use the cures listed under to neutralize their unfavourable influences. If you might be among the many few fortunate ones with a toilet, utility room, or lesser used room within the West, don’t worry – no treatment is required.

Wu Wang – 5 Yellow Earth in North
“Star of Misfortune”

With Annual Star 9 within the Center this yr, 5 Yellow (Wu Wang), thought-about malicious as it isn’t related to a gender or trigram, will fly to the North. If potential, don’t use any room within the North. As Fire feeds Earth, in case you have a fire within the North, it’s advisable to keep away from utilizing it throughout 2009. If there’s a mattress or desk on this sector of the house or room, take into account when you can transfer the mattress or desk to a greater sector. Though a toilet, utility room, or an sometimes used visitor room within the North mitigates the 5 Yellow’s detrimental nature, inserting cures are nonetheless really useful.

The following cures are really useful to guard prosperity, relationships and well being: A 6-Tube Wind Chime is positioned wherever the 5 Yellow is discovered, as ‘shifting’ Metal reduces the unfavourable results of the 5 Yellow Earth. You can even place a brass Five Element Pagoda on this space stuffed with earth taken from close to the house or workplace to lock the unfavourable Earth power up. Also place spherical objects.

Other extra cures additionally really useful for controlling the unfavourable influences of each 5 Yellow Earth and a pair of Black Earth are as follows:

Cures for two Black and 5 Yellow:

o In each the West and within the North, 6-Coins tied along with a crimson twine can be utilized to weaken #2 and #5 and to guard wealth, particularly if that is the entrance door. A Solid Brass Ingot, Brass Dragons, or a steel statue of Kuan Kung, a Wealth God, can be positioned in both West or North to guard prosperity.
o If the #2 or #5 is in a bed room, a small heavy Brass Wu Lu can be positioned subsequent to the mattress. The Wu Lu is nicknamed ‘the Giver of Life.’
o Many practitioners really feel the Salt Water Cure is the simplest treatment for #2 and #5. Some practitioners use an open bucket whereas others recommend a 12 to 16 oz. urn with a perforated overlaying. Which ever you select, fill it 2/3 with rock salt and place 6 copper cash and a silver coin (optionally available) on prime (actual copper and silver, not alloys). Then fill the urn with water. If you employ a canopy, both gauze or plastic wrap, safe it with rubber band or twine, after which poke holes within the cowl massive sufficient to permit the urn or bucket to breathe, and but not evaporate too quickly. At the tip of the yr this treatment, urn, salt, cash and water ought to be disposed of by inserting the previous supplies in a sack and dumping them within the trash. New supplies ought to at all times be obtained for the present yr’s use. Remember, one Salt Water Cure within the West and North.
o If the entrance door is in both the East or North, a Bagua Mirror ought to be hung exterior above the door to deflect the incoming Sha (killing) Qi. Other objects of steel, particularly spherical in form or metallic colours, ought to be positioned inside close to the entrance door. Oil the hinges and keep away from slamming the door.
o As the Fire Element enhances Earth, keep away from utilizing vibrant lights, crimson colours, burning candles, or enjoying loud music. If there are already crimson colours on this space, you’ll be able to go away them, however add extra Metal photos or objects to keep up steadiness.
o If you do should work exterior the house in both the West or North, cling a 6-Tube Wind Chime between that space and the home. If you might be engaged on a bigger space that features the West or North, don’t be concern so long as the West or North isn’t the focus.
o Use Metal Singing Bowls or Tibetan Tingsha (cymbals) as soon as in awhile to disperse the unfavourable power of the #2 and #5.

Zhen – 3 Jade Wood within the NE
“Star of Arguments”

Though the #3 isn’t a well timed quantity, it’s mentioned to be usable in Period 8. Even so, it’s nonetheless smart to be cautious as #3 isn’t inherently a lucky power and may deliver brief tempers, arguments, authorized issues, divorce, and so forth. As with any unfavourable affect, decrease use of this space and postpone reworking.

Avoid steel wind chimes, steel ornaments, or inserting any extra objects manufactured from steel on this space as Metal “assaults” Wood. Avoid including water or watery colours or symbols, as Water nourishes Wood. In truth, it’s advisable to take away water options that will have been positioned there in earlier years.

It is finest to diminished #3 Wood Element utilizing the Fire Element. So burn candles, use vibrant lights, cling a lead-glass Crystal Sphere, place inside design equipment which might be crimson, like Red Tassels, lamps with crimson lamp shades, a crimson piece of paper, or objects which might be triangle formed. A Red Kuan Yin, representing peace and compassion, or a Red Laughing (Ho Tai) Buddha can be utilized to remodel the unfavourable Qi of three Jade Wood.

You can even put your 12-Coin Ball tied with a Red Ribbon within the NE to protect towards monetary misplaced. If the NE is the route of your entrance door, cling a brand new Bagua Mirror over the door to deflect any unfavourable incoming power. What makes the NE much more difficult, is that it is usually the route of Tai Sui.

Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) in NE

Unfortunately, the #7 shares the NE with Tai Sui, bear in mind by no means to face the Grand Duke or disturb this space with reworking, and even hammering a nail right into a wall to hold an image.

Avoid all out door digging. If it’s worthwhile to mow a garden or do some building that features the NE, start the challenge or exercise to the left or proper of the NE sector.

If your desk faces this route, it’s possible you’ll wish to take into account shifting it barely to keep away from the 15º occupied by the Grand Duke, which this yr is 22.5º to 37.5º. Best of all is to take a seat along with your again to the Grand Duke, and use this power to assist you in all of your endeavors.

Do not put wind chimes, a fan, or any home equipment that make noise on this sector this yr, which could be troublesome if that is your kitchen or TV viewing room. If that’s the case, attempt to place your self with the Grand Duke behind you and you should definitely a Pi Yao (legendary animal with a dragon-head, horse physique, with one or two horns, little wings, and hooves, or any fierce trying animal comparable to a rhinoceros) within the SW sector of the home or a room going through the NE for cover. Perhaps carry a Pi Yao Charm in your pocket, or another Protection Amulet in accordance to your religious perception.

Some authorities suggest a pair of Pi Yao be used with a purpose to adequately management Tai Sui. Whether one or two Pi Yao, plain or bejeweled, concentrate the primary few weeks to see if they’re really defending you, particularly financially.

Dui – 7 Red Metal in East
“Star of Robbery”

The #7 is declining in affect and has now turn into a unfavourable affect representing violence and theft. And this yr 7 Metal conflicts with Wood East.

If the 7 Star is within the kitchen, there must be warning towards fires. So test smoke alarms and residential fireplace extinguishers. If you could have an workplace within the East take into account shifting it, or be additional cautious to double test all authorized agreements.

If the entrance door is within the East, make sure locks and safety programs are working correctly. You might wish to put a brand new Bagua Mirror over the door. If your entrance door mat is crimson, it’s possible you’ll wish to exchange it with one that’s blue or different darkish shade. If you could have a wind chime, it may be a good suggestion to take away it till Feb 4, 2010.

To keep away from Metal 7 hazard Do Not including issues manufactured from Metal or Earth, as Earth nourishes the Metal power of #7. Blue and darkish coloured equipment, together with a bowl of fresh nonetheless water with six cash or “fortunate bamboo” is usually a calming affect to #7. Some individuals place a Blue Rhinoceros figurine within the space of #7.

Three Killings (San Sha) within the East

Unfortunately, this yr the #7 Star shares the East with the Three Killings, which may add to this sector’s difficulties. However, the Three Killings shouldn’t be an issue if the correct cures are put into place. Most of all, keep away from sitting along with your again to the East, and bear in mind Do Not face the 15º of the Grand Duke within the NE (22.5º to 37.5º).

To defend your self, place three Qi-Lin (Chinese Unicorns) or Pi Yao (usually offered in pairs) going through East. To keep away from monetary lose Do Not start building or digging on this route.

Next, we are going to take a look at this yr’s lucky Stars which you wish to activate with a purpose to faucet their doubtlessly optimistic influences.

K’an – 1 White Water in NW
“Star of Relationship”

This yr the place of #1 Star is located within the NW of the house. As the NW is said to Metal, Water Star 1 is nourished bringing alternatives for promotion and a lift for prosperity.

To maintain onto the cash that is available in some authorities suggest a Bejeweled Dragon-headed Tortoise. Actually, any cash enhancers ought to do the job: such because the 12-Coin Ball with a crimson tassel, a Solid Brass Ingot, and anything manufactured from strong steel, comparable to a Seven-Tier Pagoda, or a Gold Arowana Fish figurine because the Metal nourishes Water.

As Water is the pal of 1 White Water, putting in a Water Fountain or aquarium (shifting water) within the NW sector will even enhance prosperity {and professional} luck. Do Not, nonetheless, put a water function with a water pump within the bed room if the bed room is within the NW of the home.

A Brass Wu Lou or different steel or spherical objects beside the mattress will probably be useful. Blue darkish coloured, or closely patterned inside design touches are inspired to stimulate the Water Element. Avoid including Fire Element colours or shapes.

Xun – 4 Green Wood in South
“Star of Intelligence, or Romance”

Wood 4 combines properly with Fire South which brings new alternatives for profession enchancment or journey, if the entrance door of the home or an workplace is located on this sector. Caution although, to feed the Wood and never the Fire.

Still water is an particularly good technique to entice prosperity, however the water have to be saved clear water, whether or not in a vase with recent flowers, or with 4 “fortunate bamboo” within the bowl. An workplace within the South is very auspicious for writers and different artistic professions. If the #4 is within the bed room use relationship photos like Mandarin Ducks, which mate for all times.

Do Not use water scenes within the bed room, as some say this will result in infidelity. If the #4 is within the bed room, a wooden Kuan Yin, Mandarin Ducks, or Dragon and Phoenix will add romance and stability to relationships.

Avoid including objects which might be white or metallic tone in shade, manufactured from steel, or are spherical or semi-circular in form as Metal assaults Wood. Avoid the colour crimson, triangle shapes, or burning candles as Fire reduces Wood. Either take away this stuff, or add extra darkish, watery colours, and amorphous shapes to nourish 4 Green Wood whichever room in the home #4 is visiting.

Placing a Crystal Globe on a desk favors journey, a Seven-Tier Pagoda, an Abacus, and or a Calligraphy Pen Set is great to learn tutorial achievement in addition to the artistic professions. A Gem Tree with Red Stones can be used to harmonize 4 Wood with South Fire.

Qian – 6 White Metal in SW
“Star of Heaven”

The sector with #6 is normally thought-about to be wonderful wealth and profession success, particularly this yr because the SW Earth feeds the Metal Element of #6.

However, warning can be wanted this yr because the SW can be the placement of Sui Po, the Year Breaker. Though you’ll be able to strengthen the #6 with issues manufactured from steel comparable to a Dragon-headed Turtle with a coin in its mouth, steel Dragons, or different metallic wealth photos, watch out to not activate the unfavourable influences of Sui Po, the Year Breaker, by renovating, digging, or disturbing this space in any method.

You can even energize #6 with a lead-glass Crystal Sphere, or actual Quartz Sphere or pure and unshaped. One or six Hollow Gold Ingots could be positioned within the SW to boost #6 (mild weight, non-metallic, and gold shade), or a non-metallic Gold Buddha.

Do not burn candles, and keep away from including something with the colour of crimson or that’s triangular formed, because the Fire Element destroys Metal.

If the SW is a bed room, tone down #6 Metal with blue coloured objects, photos of relationship concord comparable to depictions of a Dragon and Phoenix

Gen – 8 White Earth in SE
“Star of Wealth”

The #8 is most lucky as it’s the Reigning Star for the subsequent 15 years. This will deliver nice luck and profession recognition, particularly in case your entrance door or workplace is situated on this route. If your entrance door is within the SE and also you sometimes enter the home by a special door, place an energizer on this sector, comparable to a Water Fountain, kinetic sculpture, or chiming clock. And preserve the doorway method clear and litter free.

However, with #8 Earth in battle with Wood SE, it is suggested to make use of multiple treatment to insure monetary properly being and harmonious relationships comparable to a Wood Wu Lu tied with a crimson ribbon. As Fire makes Earth and triggers the great fortune in Star #8. Other objects using the crimson shade can be utilized to dissipate the Wood Element of the SE, whereas activating the #8 Earth, comparable to a Cinnabar Egg or a Red Laughing (Ho Tai) Buddha with palms over his head, holding an ingot, or sitting on a pile of ingots can all be used successfully. Coin Swords, 8-Coins on a crimson string with a tassel, and so forth will stimulate the 8 White Earth to deliver monetary luck. Use a number of.

Traditionally, a prosperity symbols like a crimson Wealth God, 3-Legged Toad or Dragon-headed Tortoise with a coin in its mouth is positioned within the sector occupied by the Wealth Star 8, or positioned within the SE finish of an workplace. Using Eight Mansion Feng Shui, you too can place any prosperity image within the Sheng Ch’i route of your Life Gua (see my Master Formula Study Guide #1).

Consider reposition your desk to a SE sector of the house or workplace and inserting necessary monetary paperwork on this sector, together with such wealth energizers as an actual Quartz Crystal Sphere, Wealth Vase, Treasure Ship, or semi-precious stones, comparable to a Citrine Gem Tree.

However, the easiest wealth energizer is exercise. Open home windows and let recent air in. Most necessary of all, each time you stroll by a door or room on this space, assume: ka ching! If the SE isn’t a steadily used room, you’ll be able to energize the SE sector of your workplace with one thing that strikes, whether or not an aquarium, CD participant, or an oscillating fan.

If your bed room is within the SE, romance photos comparable to a Dragon and Phoenix figurine, two Rose Quartz Hearts, or a pair of Mandarin Ducks will probably be useful for attracting a relationship and for sustaining relationship concord.

Avoid utilizing objects manufactured from steel (aside from steel cash), because the Metal Element drains the Earth facet of Wealth Star 8.

Li – 9 Purple Fire within the Center
“Star of Future Prosperity”

The 9 Purple Star is the “rising star” of Period 8 and represents the longer term prosperity and success of your online business or profession. It can be known as the Multiplying Star because it makes extra of no matter it is available in contact with.

This yr the Fire Element #9 is in concord each with the Period Star 8 Earth and the double Earth of Yin Earth Ox, and can deliver nice luck to many properties and companies.

The Center of the home can be a great space for research or for a bed room. If a bed room, inserting a Wood Kuan Yin statue right here will enhances relationship concord. It can be really useful to position wholesome inexperienced crops, recent flowers, or every other symbols of yin-yang concord to empower relationships, as Wood nourishes Fire.

For prosperity use crimson or purple objects comparable to an amethyst geod, 9 amethyst crystals, or an Amethyst Gem Tree. A Scroll with Nine Fish, or 9 dragons all strengthen #9’s luck whereas defending it from unfavourable Monthly Stars.

Avoid utilizing objects manufactured from earth, sq. form, or earth tones because the Earth Element weakens Fire and, presumably, the great luck of the Star of Future Prosperity.

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